finer topology

finer topology
hienompi topologia

English-Finnish mathematical dictionary. 2011.

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  • finer — /fuy neuhr/, adj. Math. of or pertaining to a topology or a topological space whose open sets include all the open sets of a second specified topology on the space. Cf. coarser. [special use of comp. of FINE1] * * * …   Universalium

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  • Strong topology — In mathematics, a strong topology is a topology which is stronger than some other default topology. This term is used to describe different topologies depending on context, and it may refer to:* the final topology on the disjoint union * the… …   Wikipedia

  • Constructible topology — In commutative algebra, the constructible topology on the spectrum of a commutative ring A is a topology where each closed set is the image of in for some algebra B over A. An important feature of this construction is that the map …   Wikipedia

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  • Grothendieck topology — In category theory, a branch of mathematics, a Grothendieck topology is a structure on a category C which makes the objects of C act like the open sets of a topological space. A category together with a choice of Grothendieck topology is called a …   Wikipedia

  • Product topology — In topology and related areas of mathematics, a product space is the cartesian product of a family of topological spaces equipped with a natural topology called the product topology. This topology differs from another, perhaps more obvious,… …   Wikipedia

  • Base (topology) — In mathematics, a base (or basis) B for a topological space X with topology T is a collection of open sets in T such that every open set in T can be written as a union of elements of B. We say that the base generates the topology T. Bases are… …   Wikipedia

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